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When designing a commercial space, you should consider a few things. According to Decor Aid, this warehouse and factory-inspired style is all about creating contrasts, which is evident in the typical use of black and white a lot. So it’s always a good idea to combine a modern look with pieces that look aged. Additionally, elements such as brick walls, raw wood, and windows surrounded by black moldings are often seen in industrial spaces and neutral color palettes. In addition, pieces with straight lines and a sleek appearance are very popular in this design.

Additionally, sustainability advocates will love this style as it encourages the reuse of older items. As this design aims to create a clean and tidy appearance, it is excellent for use in the bathroom. Industrial bathrooms look particularly elegant, chic and minimalist. If you’re looking to incorporate this style into your bathroom, the following are clever things you could do.

1. Mix clean lines with rustic touches

Combining the clean lines of a modern space with rustic-looking wood elements adds a lot of contrast and interest.

2. Let pipes shine

Exposed piping is an important aspect used in most industrial spaces; Therefore, do not cover the pipes of your sink with a cupboard.

3. Add industrial lighting

Industrial lighting could be added above the vanity or mounted on the wall. These lights typically feature exposed bulbs and dark colors.

4. Keep decorations to a minimum

The industrial style strives to keep everything minimalist and linear. Therefore, do not overdo it with decorations; It might be best to focus on your big pieces like the tub and vanity and forget about adding smaller decorative items.

5. Include raw wood materials

Some might assume that industrial spaces always appear cold. However, this is not the case and a great way to warm up this style is to add some raw wood.

6. Sprinkle in metallic accents

A metal faucet, tissue holder, hardware, or other elements add an earthy and secure look, especially when many different types of metal are used.

7. Consider a concrete vanity

Because concrete is a hard, neutral material typically used in warehouses, it is essential to the industrial style. Adding a concrete vanity to your bathroom would set the right mood.

8. Think of a wooden floor

A wood floor that is mostly raw or rustic looking material will add dimension and warmth to your bathroom while still giving it an industrial look.

9. Replace the shower curtain with a glass door

Shower curtains are used to soften the look of bathrooms, which is why they are not typically used in an industrial style. Instead, opt for a glass shower door with simple hardware.

10. Use an exposed brick wall

Exposed brick brings a natural and robust element to industrial spaces, making them feel more personal and interesting.

11. Hold the cement wall

If you have a hard concrete wall in your bathroom, embrace it and give your space a warehouse feel.

12. Create a black and white palette

When designing the industrial style, it is best to mainly stick to a neutral color palette. To keep it even simpler, you could limit your colors to white and black, creating lots of contrast.

13. Install a floating shelf with brackets

A floating shelf with chunky brackets adds sleeker lines and a factory feel.

14. Integrate black features

A black wall, vanity or faucets bring more of the moody look this style is known for.

15. Consider a stainless steel bathtub

Besides the faucets and hardware, another way to bring in a lot of metal is in your bathtub. Though uncommon, a stainless steel tub will really make your style stand out.

16. Limit the use of curved parts

While some parts can be curved, like the bathtub and faucets, in general, try to stick with those that look modern and have straight edges.

17. Paint the ceiling black

Painting your entire ceiling black, or just part of it (as pictured above), will keep your entire bathroom looking industrial.

18. Integrate simple subway tiles

Subway tiles have a simple design with clean lines. Usually they are installed horizontally, but they can also be installed vertically (as pictured above) for a unique look.

19. Embrace a tidy lifestyle

Your style won’t shine through if you have too much clutter on your vanity or other areas. When in doubt, hide toiletries and other personal items that might ruin the aesthetic.

20. Choose a box-shaped mirror

Instead of choosing a round mirror, you could choose a rectangular or square one. This adds sharper lines to the appearance of your bathroom.

21. Accept exposed ceiling ducts

Leaving ceiling fans and ducts exposed creates an unfinished look that industrial style is known for. Also, you don’t have to pay to cover these features.

22. Choose a dark floor

A black floor, especially if you have a white tub, creates a dynamic look that inspires.

23. Opt for a trough sink

A trough sink or one with a large bowl and multiple faucets brings an industrial and rustic look. Those made of metal, sleek black or white would fit this style perfectly.

24. Line window in black trim

Lining a window with black crown molding accentuates the contrast between the cool tones inside your bathroom and the more colorful landscaping outside.

25. Use a shower door with a window pane

Because black window pane shower doors are made up of lots of clean, straight lines, they fit in perfectly with the industrial style.

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